MCCE Expo Awards 2015

The Flood Expo Awards

For the very first time, The Flood Expo will host The Flood Expo Awards, a feature that recognises the foremost products available in flood innovation, mitigation, and resilience.

As the premier platform for the leading edge solutions to widespread flooding problems from the world’s leading flood prevention companies, The Flood Expo Awards stand as an important new feature within Europe’s biggest industry exhibition.

Each nominee will get the opportunity to pitch their product to a judging panel composed of four esteemed professionals from prestigious firms, with one winner being chosen for each category.

The three categories are:

Innovation Award

Mitigation Award

Resilience Award

Innovation Award

A celebration of an idea which has truly pushed the boundaries of design and service. The Innovation Award recognises the concept that combines an unprecedented blend of creativity and uniqueness to the flood sector.

  • Ebsford Environmental Ltd

    Ebsford Environmental Ltd

    Stand No: F316

  • Arxell Ltd

    Arxell Ltd

    Stand No: F360

  • IMGeospatial Intelligent Modelling Ltd

    IMGeospatial Intelligent Modelling Ltd

    Stand No: F302

  • Concrete Canvas

    Concrete Canvas

    Stand No: F240

  • Vikoma


    Stand No: F432

  • Flood Protection Solutions

    Flood Protection Solutions

    Stand No: F350


    Jerry Cotter- United States Army Corps of Engineers, Chief of the Water Resources Branch

    James Winbolt - Environment Agency, Business Development National League

    Anthony Fernihough - London Underground, Head of Profession Pumping and Drainage

    Patricia Mak - Thames Tideway, Flood Risk Specialist

    Andy Elliott - Dorset County Council, Geographic Information Systems Manager