Exhibiting at the the Flood Expo

Applications in CADD Ltd

Applications in CADD (AiC) Ltd are one of the leading software houses in the UK developing Survey Software for Mapping, Modelling and Designing the world around us. Our software is used by many of the UK`s largest construction companies including Balfour Beatty, AMEY, Lang O`Rourkes and BAM, to name but a few, who all use our software to calculate volumes, take sections and otherwise quantify the earthworks materials they work with on a daily basis. In a similar fashion another of our largest clients The Environment Agency use exactly the same tools to survey and model rivers, flood plains and beaches in order to monitor possible erosion and likely hot spots that could flood because of changes to the terrain around them.

To compliment the software AiC have developed, AiC will also have on show a number of robotic hydrographic survey boats developed in house that can be used by one man, and which measure the underwater profile of the ground. Thus allowing a detailed 3D surface model to be made up in AiC`s software. That data can then be quantified and sectioned or exported to dedicated Flood modelling software for further analysis. Alongside AiC are 4D CES Ltd, who also use AiC software for all aspects of the Engineering / Surveying work they carry out. 4D CES have an in house Aerial Imaging Survey team specialising in capturing the environment in detail via `state of the art` UAV`s that are capable of data collection, covering millions of square metres in a day. This data can then be compiled for managing disaster relief efforts, or developing hyper accurate ground models for use in simulating water passage and flood ingress. By utilising these types of data-sets 4D CES Ltd are able to provide their clients with cm accurate data at very short notice. Giving the necessary experts and planners the detail they need to make the most informed decisions when it really matters.

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