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Watermaster is an amphibious multipurpose dredger for all shallow water work.

Watermaster technology is widely used around the world for applications such as: restoring shallow waterways and shores, preventing floods, removing vegetation caused by eutrophication, cleaning polluted urban canals, construction work in water environment and maintenance of process- and wastewater ponds in mines.

Watermaster's capabilities include: suction dredging, backhoe dredging, raking & pile driving - all from dry ground to 6 meters depth. Watermaster reduces investment, operational costs since one machine does the work of many separate machines.

Watermaster is truly amphibious in all work modes, capable of operating in water, wetlands and on dry ground - able to reach and work at the most challenging sites.

Mobilizing Watermaster is easy. Transport on a standard trailer, unload and walk independently into water without crane assistance. Watermaster has its own propulsion system, four stabilizers and a flexible excavator arm so moving, anchoring and operating in water is also quick and independent. Watermaster is operated by one man, no assisting vessels, extra labour, separate anchors, wire-cables or winches are needed.

Watermaster technology is currently solving shallow water challenges with hundreds of units in over 70 countries worldwide. Watermaster is a serial product manufactured in Finland. The Concept has been continuously developed since 1986. Aquamec has the ISO 9001 Quality certificate and the ISO 14001 Environmental certificate.

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