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Aquatic Control Engineering Limited

ACE offer consultation, design, supply, project management, installation and commissioning of:

- High-quality, low-maintenance water level control equipment for various applications, such as land drainage, flood alleviation/prevention, water control for conservation and control for water process and treatment.
Including flap valves, inline non-return valves, penstocks, stop-logs, tilting weirs, weir penstocks, auto feed sluices, windmill water pumps, Archimedean screw pumps, axial pumps and weed-screen cleaners.

- Specialist fish migration solutions including fish deterrent and fish passage systems such as tidal/flood protection systems along with inland bypass systems to deal with obstacles and level changes such as posed by pumping stations, power stations and weirs.

- Hydro turbines and associated products (see above 2 groups)

- Waterway maintenance machinery including tree-cutters, weed-boat/harvesters, flailing weed cutters and PTO driven pumps.

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