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Avradel Ltd

The 'AvradelSTORM App' is the latest product from Avradel Ltd. This App has been designed in such a way that it will assist local councils/governments to communicate with residents and businesses within their region to minimise the risk to life and property during severe storms or natural disasters.
The first App will become live during the Autumn of 2018 within the Pacific Rim region.
Avradel are presently looking to work with parish, town and county councils within the UK and abroad.
There are no cost implications to councils, residents and businesses who use the AvradelSTORM app.
The App allows everyone to send and receive texts, photos and video between the council and residents/businesses during times of severe storms and natural disasters. Each council (with the assistance of their residents and businesses) can be updated as to the situation within their region so that they can make the appropriate decisions.
The App also contains information and advice on how to protect life and property pre/during and post severe storm/natural disaster.
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