Blockwalls manufacture environmentally friendly concrete lego blocks from recycled materials.

You can design and build your Concrete Block flood defence walls using our Virtabloc system. The blocks are 600mm wide x 600mm high x 1800mm long, with shorter lengths available.

You can configure them to build flood defence walls in many ways, either with one of our off the shelf systems or bespoke to your needs.

Our patented Virtabloc R are ideal for use in flood defence. They are manufactured with ducts cast into them that are set to one side. The offset gives improved structural performance. Rebar is then threaded through the blocks and cement grouted in place. This construction gives the wall greater stability when designed with the correct foundation.

We can help you design your project, we offer a design and supply service. The configuration and design of the flood defence depends on the local site criteria.

Sea walls need to be strong and capable of taking large sea storm forces. Reinforced concrete lego blocks are ideal for fast track, economical and strong walls. Design life span is estimated up to 150 years with the correct material specifications.

Reinforced concrete block walls are ideal to construct sea walls, docks, quays, wharfs, piers, and harbours.

The benefits of using our Stackablocs include easy and fast to install, no formwork, durable and cost effective.

Each project we look at is very different. We offer a full design service from simply working out how many blocks you require for your project to full design including drawings and calculations.

Our full design service can include: structural engineering design and calculations, 2D and 3D CAD drawings and BIM models, and full project management services.

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