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ClearWater Weed and Reed Management Services

Using state of the art Truxor multifunctional amphibious machines, Clearwater specialises in the mechanical harvesting of aquatic weeds in inland waterways, canals and lakes, and the cutting and removal of reeds from man-made reed beds and wetland habitats

The Amphibious weed harvester is easily moved from site to site on a trailer towed
behind a standard 4 x 4 vehicle, thus avoiding the high costs of transport and crane
hire associated with propeller driven weed cutters.

Being a tracked machine, access into the water is SAFER and FASTER than
launching propeller driven boats, it also means the machine can climb out of the water
and deposit cut weeds away from the banks.

Due to its action in the water, the tracked weed harvester has been proved to increase
levels of dissolved oxygen by up to 100, therefore causing fewer problems for fish
and other aquatic creatures unlike propeller driven weed cutting machines.

Our lakes and waterways are overgrown due to over fertilization and the much
discussed climate changes. The lakes are acidified preventing the flow of water. By
cutting and clearing inlets and outlets the lakes can continue to prosper and in many
places cutting is performed to improve the flow of water and prevent flooding.

Regular weed cutting allows for increased use oflakes and waterways in the form of
available, navigable waterways, access to fishing, more beautiful views and well kept
bathing sites

ClearWater has many years experience in the design & construction of lakes

Clearwater are always happy to quote without obligation, for all your weed and reed management work.

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