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Our History:

Founded in 1923, Cofra is an experienced and proven partner in soil improvement techniques. Originally an Amsterdam based contractor, with local operations, Cofra has evolved in to an international force in the soil improvement market. Cofra has international offices and an extensive network of Agents. Since 2006, Cofra has been a division of Royal Boskalis Westminster, a dredging conglomerate with international operations. This relationship has further strengthened Cofra`s global position.

Our core values:
Innovation, reliability and professionalism are Cofra`s primary core values. Our proactive approach and advanced equipment, have earnt Cofra a leading position as a soil improvement contractor. Our core values have made Cofra a reliable international knowledge partner.

Our Techniques:
Cofra has a wide range of techniques for soil improvement. With state of the art equipment and its own Geotechnical Department, Cofra specializes in consolidation and compaction techniques for cohesive and granular soils.

Geotechnics BV is an independent production and trading company within the Boskalis Cofra Group. Geotechnics primary focus is on the production and sales of the MebraDrain range of products associated with cohesive soil consolidation. These materials are manufactured in-house and distributed globally.

Geolock - Cut Off Walls
Geolock is a waterproof barrier consisting of a patented locking structure of extruded synthetic material with an HDPE 2.0mm membrane welded to it. Geolock is used for the isolation of contaminated soil and for the waterproofing of dykes and dams. Cofra has many years of worldwide experience in the installation of Geolock screens. Geolock provides the best waterproof solution for block any horizontal underground flow of contaminated or uncontaminated groundwater.

Geoflex - Plastic Piles
Geoflex was developed as a replacement for tropical hardwood in applications such as earth retaining structures and bank protection. The aim was to produce an economically viable sheet pile with a long service life. When used in conjunction with a hydrophilic swelling cord, the sheet piles will form a 100% waterproof barrier. This can be used to increase the height of existing defences, reduce the permeability of existing earth flood bunds or contain groundwater contamination.

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