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Datgel are geotechnical data management experts with a 12 year track record delivering gINT Add-in software like the CPT Tool, DGD Tool, and high-quality geo data software solutions.

Datgel offers a full range of software products and services designed to meet the data management and reporting needs of the geotechnical and geoenvironmental professional. Not only are we a Bentley System reseller and product expert for gINT but we are also a Bentley Developer Partner and offer a range of gINT Add-In products, Bentley SELECT and paid gINT technical support, training, product customisation and software development services. Datgel also resells Golden Software products.

Datgel Services

Datgel`s engineers have experience in geotechnical, geoenvironmental and data management consulting and training across Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

Datgel Tools

An overview of the Datgel gINT `Add-In` products are listed below. Also, see informative videos on our You Tube channel.

• CPT Tool: Import CPT data from 18 file formats, calculate derived parameters (qt, Rf, Bq...), interpret soil type, >100 preconfigured correlations, liquefaction, pile axial capacity, define custom formulas, produce CPT logs, graphs and fence reports.
• DGD Tool: The complete gINT system for geotechnical in situ and lab result storage and reporting, and also the native database for Datgel's tools.
o Choose from two editions:
- Professional - the complete system
- Logs - for users only needing log production, AGS support not included
o It has long understandable table and field names
o Support for AGS 3.1, AGS 3.1 RTA 1.1, AGS 4 and AGS 4 NZ
o AS, ASTM, BSI and NZGS component description
o >300 log, summary graph, histogram, and table reports for lab and field testing
o DLL program with SPT, core, point load, soil classification, borehole related validation calculations, show/hide tables/table groups based on project type, import tool, excel export tool, rock mass classification, processing and querying of 3D surfaces, alignments and tidal data.
• Fence and Map Tool: Comprises of an extensive range of options for reporting fences and maps, including smart features such as dynamically defined scale bars and map data marker legends.
• Monitoring Tool: Stores, calculates and reports monitoring installation and readings data for Settlement Markers, Survey Prism, Rod Settlement Gauge, Standpipe Piezometer, Vibrating Wire Piezometer, Magnetic Extensometer and Inclinometer.
• Output Tool: Automated output of reports to print or pdf, and generate cross-sections along an alignment.
• Photo Tool: which allows you to link, organise and print a range of investigation related photos and images on your gINT reports.
• Lab and In Situ Tool: A geotechnical and construction materials Lab Information Management System (LIMS) within gINT supporting a comprehensive range of classification and compaction related tests to ISO, BSI and ASTM.
• Administrator Tools: Tools for gINT Administrators and Power Users - Convert Projects Tool, Export Tool, Find or Set Properties Tool, SQL Tool, Lookup List Check Tool, Import Tool and AGS Format Tool.
• Processor Affinity Manager: Allows for multi-core processing when using gINT on a Terminal Server, or if you open multiple instances of gINT on your desktop.
• Security Tool Enterprise: Works with SQL Server and controls access to databases, gINT applications and commands, tables and individual Projects, PointIDs or lab results, based on AD user name and groups. Easily define table and table group visibility based on AD user name. Controls only to work from the gINT interface.
• Advanced In Situ Tool: Stores, calculates and reports in situ tests. Initial release includes Lugeon tests, more test will be added.

You can access most Datgel product trials at after registering an account.

Datgel technical Support Services for gINT

gINT Support Subscription - This support option is for gINT users that don't buy the gINT SELECT subscription from Datgel. It covers a similar scope to gINT Select support, such as how to questions for gINT that take up to 30 min to answer, and assistance in defining defects in gINT and reporting them to Bentley Systems. The annual fee is based on the quantity of each gINT product level held/used.

Prepaid Technical Support Package - Provide a solution to our clients that desire to use Datgel`s expert advice and support services for issues that fall outside DSM (Datgel Support and Maintenance) or where Datgel is not remunerated by Bentley Systems to provide gINT support to a client`s organisation. This could also be used for developer coaching and mentoring.


At the core of our range is gINT - the world`s leading geo-data management software. gINT Software offers a full range of customisable software packages for custom borehole logs, fence diagrams (cross-sections/profiles), complex calculations for in situ and lab testing or analysis, and GIS add-ons.

gINT`s main advantage is its powerful relational database and reporting engine designed specifically for subsurface exploration, providing a point of difference from other logging programs that only report the stored information with limited functionality.

New 3D and GIS features in gINT were released in February 2017, and form part of gINT Pro and gINT Pro Plus for no additional cost.

gINT Products

• gINT Professional Plus - SQL Server based version of gINT with all the features of gINT Pro. A centralised data storage solution for companies with large quantities of data.
• gINT Professional - The ultimate geo database and reporting engine, with nine report types including logs and sections/fences, numerous import/export formats including AGS Format, powerful interrogation tools, internal CAD, inbuilt PDF creator, and VBA.
• gINT Logs - Database and entry level log production - borehole, test/trial pit, well, CPT, DCP.

Golden Software

To complement gINT and the Datgel gINT Add-ins, Datgel also resells Golden Software Surfer and Grapher. These provide powerful tools for visualisation, interpretation and presentation of your data.

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