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The Amphicruiser is a fully equipped amphibious Emergency Response Vehicle with the ability to travel safely and reliably through flooded cities to rescue survivors, deliver aid and medical supplies. Based on the Toyota Land Cruiser it was developed to quickly enter and exits the water without stopping, saving precious time and reducing the risk to emergency responders when operating in both flooded urban areas and rural wetlands. It keeps emergency personnel safe, warm and as dry as possible out of the polluted floodwaters. There is also no need to switch from vehicle to vessel as you have all your equipment with you at all times and but because the Amphicruiser emergency response vehicle (ERV) has a high off-road capability it can traverse damaged roads and to leave pavemented areas when necessary, it also has the capacity to tow rafts or boats through areas of deep or shallow water, eliminating the need for emergency response personnel to enter the water and tow by hand. And thanks to its large hauling capacity, Amphicruiser can be equipped to operate as a Local Incident Command Centre.
The Amphicruiser ERV has been designed and built by highly respected, world class, marine engineers in the Netherlands, certified by TUV and Lloyd`s Register of Shipping.

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