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Ebsford Environmental Ltd

Working accross the in the UK on sensitive (SSSI) and complex projects for wide ranging clients including National Parks, Heritage Organisations, Construction and Development, Utilities, Regulatory Bodies and Local Authorities. Ebsford have experience with varying projects, large and small in scale and are experienced in the safe conducting of civils in/on or near water, including management of rapidly changing water levels, temporary diverting channel flows and working with cold, deep or contaminated water.

Services include;
 Sustainable Landscape / Public open space restoration & regeneration
 Weir removal & eel/fish passage works
 Bridge/Crossing repairs, removal and replacement
 Inlet & Outlet structure repairs removal and replacement
 River walls re-pointing and repair
 Flood embankment leak repairs
 Concrete & void filling repairs to aquatic structures
 Metal/plastic sheet piling & bank stabilisation
 Culvert de-silting and inspections
 Topographical sediment & channel surveys
 Design & Build packages
 Sustainable river/lake/pond/canal restoration
 Standard inland dredging and de-silting
 Complex spot dredging & de-silting
 De-silting and construction on water with amphibious plant
 Sediment survey, classification, interpretation, disposal and reuse/recycling options
 Bio-engineering and erosion control
 Aquatic & wildflower revetments
 Aquatic vegetation management and Internal Drainage Board maintenance
 Tree and vegetation clearance
 Reedbed, wetland and lagoon works

Invasive Vegetation;
 Japanese knotweed eradication
 Herbicidal treatment
 Large scale mechanical screening
 Enviroscreen 20:20 technology
 Excavation and off-site disposal
 Excavation and Onsite Burial
 Eradication of common non native species
 Site Clearance, de-weeding channels and tree works

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