Exhibiting at the the Flood Expo

EC Hopkins Ltd

The Birmingham Tooling Division of EC Hopkins Ltd are specialist suppliers of underwater hydraulic tools, power packs and accessories. We are the sole UK importers for both Stanley Hydraulic Tools and ICS Diamond Chainsaw products. We are also distributors for Husqvarna construction products. We can offer clients tooling for drilling, cutting, grinding, breaking, tightening and pumping.
EC Hopkins offer hydraulic power packs from stock in various guises including petrol, 3PH electric and diesel variants. We also offer a bespoke power pack service satisfying varied client requirements over the years. We can offer a complete suite of equipment including power pack, hoses, tooling and accessories.
Clients often approach us with a task they need to complete and we offer a solution based on our experience and portfolio of products. Not only are we agents for Stanley, ICS and Husqvarna but we also have some of our own products which fill gaps in the range. Please take a look at our website or visit our stand to understand the full scope of our capabilities.

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