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(Canada), Decagon Devices Inc. (USA), ADC BioScientific, Ltd. (Great Britain), Soilmoisture Equipment Corp. (USA),Campbell Scientific Ltd. (USA), UMS GmbH (Germany). We also represent other significant world producers on a non-exclusive basis. These are for example Delta - T Devices Ltd. (Great Britain) and IMKO GmbH (Germany).
Our customers sometimes request specific products which are either not available or not available for competitive prices for local markets.

Therefore Ekotechnika spol. s.r.o. has decided to develop its own equipment which is now also available for export. All these products were long term tested by local customers. Besides, there are also products in our export portfolio which are outsourced from other Czech or Slovak producers.

We export products for:

Geological survey and water well drilling
water level measurement in monitoring wells
limnigraphic statios and early warning systems
dataloggers including telemetry
customized meteostations
low voltage water sampling pumps and outflow regulator for low flow sampling
hydrogeological tracer test detector
web aplication Envirodata for data management visualisation and processing from telemetric stations

We have developed several instruments mainly for water sampling and water level monitoring for both, monitoring wells and surface water measurement. For water level measurement we have also developed two telemetric stations - Waterlogger 12 for groundwater monitoring and Waterlogger EWS for surface water monitoring and for Early Warning Systems use.

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