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Environment Solutions

Our products within the NoFloods product-group are designed, tested and manufactured to extremely high standards and has as such earned multiple accreditations world wide.

The success of our technology is due to our constant focus on adapting our solutions to current scenarios basing the development on knowledge, research and innovation. The NoFloods technology offers customized solutions for flood mitigation, perfectly adapted to the actual situation at hand.

The NoFloods Technology has been designed to facilitate easy and rapid installment and as the only solution on the market The NoFloods Barrier PRO can be installed in 200 meter sections which can be continuously extended to create the flood protection barrier needed. The NoFloods solutions are also designed for high -volume pumps and 1 km of the NoFloods PRO barrier can be filled from one single access point.

Due to the hydraulic conditions and the innovative design of the NoFloods Technology, the barriers can be deployed and will remain stable irrespective of the surface on which it has been deployed.
The flexibly and strength of the NoFloods solution makes it suitable for deployment in any configuration.

The NoFloods technology has proven its efficiency and strength in several live cases world wide providing dependable and proven flood protection.

The NoFloods Barriers has also been selected as one of the most sustainable solutions in the world and is a part of SUSTAINA100 2015, building toward a sustainable future.

Environment Solutions is a Scandinavian company with more than 15 years of experience dealing with flood mitigation. We have local representation worldwide hence we can locally cater for customers in most parts of the world. Our head office is located in Roskilde, close to Copenhagen, Denmark

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