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FloodKit Ltd

FloodKit® have developed an effective, affordable Emergency Flood Response Kit to allow householders to protect their own property at a fraction of the cost of similar products. The Patented products will help prevent floodwater entering through doors, airbricks, toilets, showers or overflow pipes.

The Floodkit products have been developed and rigorously tested with the help of the University of Central Lancashire, while the involvement of major multinational suppliers has ensured high quality components and materials are utilised, enhancing the innovative designs currently covered by several patents. Floodkit products have been tested above and beyond the current P.A.S. and Kitemarks.

FloodKit have a range of solutions to prevent floodwater entering through external doors. FloodKit Door panels have fixing solutions that include simple to use clips that attach to the door frame or the unique FloodFoam® or FloodSoks all of which require no permanent fixings or alterations to the fabric of the building.

FloodKit protect air bricks with a simple cover that requires no tools to fit; or a special adhesive patch, both of these products are Kitemarked by BSI. Other patches are available for use on overflow pipes or cable entry points.

Traditionally, sandbags have been the first and often only available emergency solution provided by Authorities to prevent floodwater entering homes through air bricks. However it is accepted that they are limited in how effective they are at keeping water out, heavy (15kgs when dry and even heavier when wet), difficult to carry and a real problem to store, deploy and dispose of after the flood.

Now consider the modern alternative - The Kitemarked FloodKit® Airbrick patch weighs only 150grams, 100 times less than the weight of a sandbag. It is self adhesive, so will provide an effective barrier to prevent floodwater entering an air brick. It can be deployed simply and can even be posted through a letter box.

The patented FloodKit Toilet Stopper will prevent sewage flooding up through a downstairs toilet. The unique U bend bag forms a perfect watertight mould that is then held in place by the adjustable Strut, which uniquely allows it to fit any shape of toilet pan.

The easy to fit FloodKit Shower Tube will stop floodwater overflowing through a downstairs Shower.

Floodkit are working with Government Agencies both Local and National, Housing Associations, Fire and Rescue Agencies and Utility Companies, to allow all of these organisations to benefit from the significant cost savings and reduction in manpower that are made possible by using Floodkit products to help provide support to the community when a flood strikes.

Representatives of these organisations, the Environment Agency and Flood Action Groups have already seen the products demonstrated and been favourably impressed.

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