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HydroGuard is the world's first affordable flood barrier that will fit to any standard door. Using patented sliding technology, it requires no pre-installation nor tools and ensures that everyone has access to an affordable, one-size-fits-all flood barrier to help protect their homes from flooding.

Why HydroGuard?

With the current options that are available, it`s easy to feel defeated, overwhelmed and disenchanted about the issue. But, if you could save thousands of pounds in damage and protect your valuable possessions and keepsakes with a simple solution, wouldn't you do it? Hydroguard is a one-time investment that is simple to store and simple to engage when you need it. And, most importantly, it`s effective in keeping your home dry in the event of a flood, which is becoming a more and more frequent natural disaster. No more nailing and screwing in boards or expensive barriers, and no more scrambling to acquire sandbags before a flood and piling them up clumsily. Hello HydroGuard.

HydroGuard is 100% Unique

We know just how challenging a flooded home can be first-hand, so we have designed a more flexible and practical flood solution than any other currently on the market and there is no need to measure your door frame, due to our clever sliding technology.

Whether wooden or UPVC, HydroGuard will fit to any door to create a barrier against rising flood water. The device creates a sealed barrier across your door and will allow you to say goodbye to sandbags or other barriers that are more expensive and only made for specific door sizes and types.

Other manufacturers are using up to 6 different size units to cover the same width variance as HydroGuard does with one. What sets HydroGuard apart is its intelligent sliding system that adjusts to any door and can be fitted securely in place in seconds - a one size fits all solution. Whether you move or renovate, you will have your HydroGuard barriers to adapt to your needs.

Why is HydroGuard Better Than the Rest?

The HydroGuard flood barrier utilizes innovative technology to provide homeowners with features that have long been overlooked. Key differences include:

Compact and Easy to Install
Easy to Store

Compact and Easy to Install: HydroGuard has been designed so that it can be easily installed in minutes - simply remove from the box, expand to fit the door frame and clip into the frame. Unlike many other products, HydroGuard won`t require you to make permanent alterations to your property. HydroGuard fits securely to the door frame and cannot be removed with the door closed.

Adjustable: What makes HydroGuard entirely unique is the intelligent sliding system that allows it to fit to any standard door and create a barrier against rising flood water. Premium materials and robust design ensure a secure seal against fast flowing water and the debris it may carry. Other non-adjustable solutions cost anywhere from £324 - £498 ($537 - $826), so when you move or need them to fit another door, they prove defunct.

Reusable: Flooding is becoming more frequent. Rather than having to repeatedly invest in flood prevention measures, HydroGuard can be easily stored and then deployed whenever you`re concerned about flooding. Sandbags, although cheap at £0.90 - £1.20, aren`t reusable, effective or easy to get quickly in the event of a flood.

Affordable: At net £249, HydroGuard offers all those concerned with flooding access to this revolutionary device at an affordable price. Remember, just a 6-inch flood in a 1,000 square foot home could cost £12,137 ($20,150). Investing in a few HydroGuard barriers is more than worth it.

Easy to store: With its sliding capability HydroGuard can be pushed together to be conveniently stored even in small places.

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