Exhibiting at the the Flood Expo

Isothane & Aran Services

We are pleased to showcase flood resilient cavity wall insulation, Technitherm.

Technitherm is Isothane's closed cell injected polyurethane foam cavity wall insulation.

Technitherm was the first insulation to pass both the British Research Establishment test for flood resilience and the test for use in a property with a missing or damaged DPC.

This is possible due to Tehcnitherm's closed cell structure which means Technitherm won't soak up water during flooding. In fact The Association of British Insurers (ABI), BS85500:2015, DEFRA, DCLG and the Environment Agency all advise that 'cavity wall insulation in flood risk homes should preferably incorporate rigid closed cell materials as these retain integrity and have low moisture take-up. '

In comparison other more traditional methods of insulation which will soak up water allowing the passage of water through the cavity but remains damp in the cavity increasing the drying out time of a property, not only that but these methods of insulation will need to be replaced once flooding has receded adding further time and cost. Whereas Technitherm is a onetime fit and will remain serviceable once flood water has rescinded.

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