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Neptune Solutions Global Ltd

Neptune Solutions Global was founded in March 2014 by Mike Mulvihill. When Mike saw the devastating results of the tsunami that hit Thailand back in 2004, he believed that there was another way to protect communities from flooding without the big expense.

Today, a solution has been developed that could prove to be revolutionary to flood defence. The Neptune Solution can be used as protection against flooding for communities, residential and commercial properties. This can all be done without any concrete or significant ground preparation. It can provide protection from floods up to 4.5 metres high and with its modular design, its height and length can be extended to meet any requirement.

Two barrier systems have been engineered and built, they are classified into two groups to cover different heights. The Rapid Response Barrier, to cover heights between 1.0-1.5m, and the Permanent Barrier, to cover heights between 1.5 -4.5m.

The Neptune Solution can be installed as a permanent barrier without the need for concrete, not only reducing its costs but also its environmental impact. It can also be erected and dismantled quickly with minimum pre-installations and planning.

The deployment of the Rapid Response Barrier does not require significant quantities of labour or machinery, once the anchoring points have already been installed. This makes it ideal for flood protection in urban areas where permanent installations may not possible.

A superior build quality provides a solution to flooding with minimal leakage. This was proved when the Neptune Solution was tested- almost 750 cubic metres of water was released down a slope into the barriers (as shown on our youtube channel). This put the barriers under stresses far exceeding those in the field. The Neptune Solution performed faultlessly. Unlike other systems, The Neptune Solution is able to easily deal with undulations in the ground with negligible leakage. The absence of concrete in the construction allows site and terrain disturbance to be significantly reduced and will also prevent ground seepage, a problem that has previously required a concrete solution.

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