Exhibiting at the the Flood Expo

RainWater Harvesting Ltd design and manufacture mains back up systems in the UK for UK homes. At Flood Expo we are launching RainActiv which combines the benefits of Rainwater Harvesting with Sustainable Urban Drainage. As excess water is released at a controlled rate it will help prevent flooding.

Rainwater can be used for any non-potable application including toilets, washing machines and any outside use. This can be a 50% saving on mains supply. Although the demand to supply ratio of mains water is increasing there is a further issue. Localised and downstream flooding due to excess water entering the drainage system from increased urbanisation.

At Flood Expo 2016 we are proud to announce the launch of RainActiv. This combines the benefit of Rainwater Harvesting with Sustainable Urban Drainage. It allows water to be collected and used locally but allows the controlled release of excess flood water back into the drainage system.

Extensive testing has proved its effectiveness regarding scenarios of the 100 year flood extremes. It alleviates the need for large balancing ponds requiring on going maintenance. Developers will be able to better plan naturalisation sites without compromising space. The ownership will become decentralised so responsibility will be shared between Authorities, Developers and the home owner to form a Sustainable Water Management program.

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