Exhibiting at the the Flood Expo


Ravestein is specialized in the design & construction of heavy marine steel structures, such as Backhoe Dredgers, Bridges, Ro-Ro Linkspans, Pontoons, Crane Barges, Tidal Gates, Lock Gates and Dock gates.

RCP design & construct various marine vessels including (standard) Jack-Up Platforms, Special Maintenance/Working Platforms for Windmills, Modular Pontoons, Work Vessels, and other (Marine/Dredging) Equipment.
Recently RCP built the SKYLIFT, a multi purpose submersible jackup platform that can jack up 3000 to 16000 tons for the removal of oil rigs, transport of gravity bases / monopoles for the offshore wind industry, or putting ships from the quay into the water and vice versa without the use of cranes.