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In conjunction with the Environment Agency and several council Highways Departments.Vehicle Activated Flood Warning Signs from Scrimsign operate fully automated, to improve road safety 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the need for mains power or user intervention. Sturdy and reliable, the signs use Radio Telemetry to receive live Flood Status information directly from the nearest Outstation that monitors the river levels with embedded river sensors. Once automatically triggered by a Flood Imminent Status from the Outstation, the sign will display a flashing `Flood` warning to emphasise the hazard ahead. For rural areas, where mains power is not easily accessible, and for all flood black-spots around the UK, the new Vehicle Activated Flood Warning Signs from Scrimsign are the most reliable, most accurate and most cost-effective way to improve road user safety.

Key Benefits

• Real Time River Levels & Advanced Flood Warning

• 24/7 Constant Operation

• Automatic, Unmanned System

• High Visibility Vehicle Activated LED Flashing Flood Display

• Usable in remote locations without mains power

• No Maintenance solar panel, weather resistant and self-cleaning

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