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Seabright Group Ltd

Seabright Group - Increasing client `Safety` & `Productivity` through unmanned vehicles.

Safer - Faster - Cost Efficient = Increased Productivity

We offer our clients a bespoke service for video & data collecting; aerial, land / confined space or underwater, or combinations as required by our clients, to complete specific task critical operations or routine operations; where traditional methods can increase `safety hazards to personnel` or `incur expensive cost & time implications`.
Utilising multiple unmanned vehicles (UM) platform to carryout inspections, survey`s & filming.

• Aerial - drones (UAV, SUA)
• Land - tracked or wheeled crawlers
• Underwater - microROV`s (Remotely Operated Vevicles)

`No other British SME Company offers all three specialist operations within a single service provider to fulfil its customer`s requirements`

A one stop service provider for multiple applications. We are interested in discussing any possible projects with clients and engaging in solutions to problems, where unmanned vehicles have not previously been considered.

• Reduced mobilisation costs and time.
• Reduced costs in comparison to specialist equipment or personnel (Mobile Elevated Working Platform, rope access teams, commercial dive teams).
• Increased cost efficiency over traditional services.
• Increased `Safety` of personnel.
• Increased productivity for client`s inspection and maintenance programs.
• High quality photographic images.
• Live video - assists engineers.
• Accurate repeatability of inspections and survey results.

At Seabright Group our greatest asset to our clients is not the unmanned vehicles themselves because technology is ever evolving; but, is the quality and experience of our personnel. With over 40 years` experience in both:

• operating / project managing ROV operations globally in the `oil & gas industry`; but also
• within the `aeronautical engineering industry`.

where the highest standards of safety and project delivery; on time, is essential.

For decades, the oil & gas industry has been using remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). They have been instrumental in the development of oil and gas fields in deep water and the inspection of subsea assets, platforms in shallower high current environments. ROVs are only one class of what is commonly known as unmanned vehicles (UVs), which are increasingly finding more applications; whether: air, land, sea or other potential applications of this emerging technology. Many organisations, governmental agencies and emergency services are now recognising the benefits.

Asset integrity is about the prevention of major accidents or failures of structures or equipment, directly or indirectly via escalation result into a major accident. It is the outcome of good design, construction, and operating practice. Unmanned vehicles are used to verify the mechanical integrity and inspection activities of production facilities such as plants, offshore platforms, subsea installations, and pipelines, renewable energy wind turbines or subsea turbines, energy, water and transportation infrastructure, benefits to increasing food production (farming and aquaculture - UK Bioeconomy Strategy) and many more applications.

The use of unmanned vehicles and their benefits also assist organisations in implementing the UK Governments: The Clean Growth Strategy - Leading the way to a low carbon future.

The use of unmanned systems also has a vast benefit to the `Environment` as many are battery operated and can carry out inspections or survey`s over large areas. In comparison for example a Mobile Elevated Working Platform may be required to survey each section of a structure individually by an engineer. Whereas UAV`s can photograph or thermographic imaging many high-quality images and `Live` video in a short time period for engineers to evaluate immediately or at a later stage, with a future repeatability. This cost reductions of at least 30% and carbon emission reductions of over 50% as the UAV platform is battery powered and the MEWPs are diesel powered!

Embracing changes to climate change as part of the Paris agreement, through sustainable low energy technologies, highly developed Water Resource Plans including protection of key assets. Sustainable Urban Drainage to all and an overall reduction of carbon footprint.

Seabright is a technology led service provider. We focus heavily on innovation and implementing technology to ensure that our clients projects are delivered safely, cost effectively, and on time. This is to ensure that the end user has the best level of service experience. Robotics have huge potential to help us deliver, safer and faster service which therefore increases productivity.
It is important to consider that unmanned vehicle technology can change not just the operation, but also the design of assets. If a person is not required to access an asset, then we should consider this in the very early design stages of assets, including the inspection and maintenance of external and internal asset.

`SEABRIGHT - A total visual & data solutions service`

The use of technology in traditional industrial sectors is increasing exponentially every year as companies and organisations realise the growing benefits of their uses, as well as there
increased safety aspect and cost effectiveness.

The global market for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - UAVs has grown substantially in the past decade. Technical capabilities of UAVs have matured over this period, from lab concepts to battle-tested proven systems.

In parallel, these technical developments are also enabling new markets and driving high growth rates in civil applications. Emerging markets include police, border security, agriculture, forestry, and maritime, while future markets will be driven by the need to manage the earth`s scarce resources, from urban development, through natural resources and disasters, to energy and people.

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