Exhibiting at the the Flood Expo

The Environmental Design Studio

The Environmental Design Studio [TEDS] is an award winning design research consultancy, led by Ed Barsley, that specialises in flood resilience & environmental design. We work internationally on projects at a range of scales and are driven by the challenge of designing for adaptation to a changing climate. A pioneering design research methodology is used throughout our work, ensuring strategies are rigorously grounded, clearly communicated, and create enriching spaces and places. We have expertise on design and research in relation to; Flooding, Overheating, Extreme Cold, Energy Efficiency, Daylighting, Earthquakes, and Drought. In 2016 TEDS was announced as the winner of the Sunday Times / British Homes Award `Resilient Home` design competition (in collaboration with JTP) with the `Home For All Seasons` and are now working with the BRE to develop a built prototype of the scheme. In 2018, Ed Barsley from TEDS will be releasing a book through RIBA Publishing entitled; `Retrofitting for Flood Resilience: A Guide to Building and Community Design` to share the findings from his latest research on community flood resilience.

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