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UK Flood Defences

Our Quick Wall series of temporary and semi-premanet barriers provide innovative, cost effective solutions for all types of flooding or protection whilst permanent works underway - cofferdams, river breach or river diversion, coastal erosion, temporary reservoirs and damming or ring fencing utilities, roads and infrastructure, essential services and communities.

Quick Wall High (sand fill) is designed for extreme conditions and will protect from 1m to 6m, will rapidly extend to any distance over uneven terrain, is water proof, reusable and leaves no clear up waste. Quick Wall Surface (water fill) is designed to quickly respond to flash flooding up to 1.4m, is waterproof, will extend quickly to any distance and over uneven terrain, leaves no clear up waste and reusable. Quick Wall Mini (30cm height) is designed for low level protection of up to 1m is also waterproof, easily carried, reusable and leaves no clear up waste.

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