Live Demos at The Flood Expo

Live Demos At The Flood Expo

The best way to understand a product’s potential and evaluate its performance is to see it in action with your own eyes. That’s why the Flood Expo is packed with live demonstrations of the very latest in flood defence equipment from the innovators and visionaries behind the product’s creation.

Sessions will run alongside the comprehensive seminar and workshop schedule on the banks of the Thames just outside the venue, and feature throughout both days of the show.

London Fire at Demonstrating the Flood Expo
Applications in CADD: Exhibiting at the Flood Expo

Applications in CADD Ltd - STAND F640

Applications in CADD will be demonstrating how their custom built remote control boats are used to conduct real-time remote control hydrographic surveying.

Watch them build up a 3D model of a river bed, which helps monitor silt build up or scouring that would otherwise be hidden under the water’s surface.

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Applications in CADD

Flood Protection Solutions: Exhibiting at the Flood Expo

Flood Protection Solutions - STAND F350

Take a look at the Water-Gate flood barrier in this exclusive demonstration. A temporary flood defence system, the barrier is unique in the way that once rolled out, it self deploys.

Come and see why the Water-Gate is already used by homeowners, water companies, and the Environment Agency.

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Flood Protection Solutions

Vertical Access: Exhibiting at the Flood Expo

Vertical Access - STAND M531

Vertical Access’ live demo will show how an IRATA trained operative safely ascends a rope, can move sideways onto adjacent ropes, and also descend.

Come and see why the Water-Gate is already used by homeowners, water companies, and the Environment Agency.

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Vertical Access

MFC Survival: Exhibiting at the Flood Expo

MFC Survival - STAND F700

An action demonstration of the new fully inflatable RC4000 Rescue Craft from MFC Survival, illustrating how it can be used in modern flood rescue scenarios and showcasing the benefits of its innovative low draft twin sponson design in urban & rural flood rescue.

The demonstration will also cover the ease of deployment of this type of fully inflatable design, which removes the need for a dedicated trailer.

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MFC Survival

CPJ Environmental services LTD: Exhibiting at the Flood Expo

CPJ Environmental services LTD - STAND F220

CPJ Limited will be showing you two of their new ROLBA Medium Volume Combination machines.

CPJ offers a comprehensive range of waste management solutions, for the drainage sector, with a choice of road sweepers, deep suction recycler units, vacuum and artic tankers; able to deal with emergency response, nationwide, in pollution prevention.

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CPJ Environmental services LTD

NETZSCH Pumps & Systems UK: Exhibiting at the Flood Expo

NETZSCH Pumps & Systems UK - STAND F510

NETZSCH Pumps will be demonstrating their valve-less, self-priming positive displacement pump, the Mobile TORNADO XLB-6/2 Diesel Unit.

The demonstration will show you the flexibility and independence of the mobile unit, combined with the very powerful, reliable and efficient performance of the TORNADO Rotary Lobe Pump.

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NETZSCH Pumps & Systems UK

Vikoma International: Exhibiting at the Flood Expo

Vikoma International - STAND F432

See a static demonstration of the MiniVac System cleaning up mud and debris in simulated flood conditions. The demo consists of a shallow inflatable pool measuring 4m x 4m filled with sludge and water.

Watch the Boom form an island in the middle of the tank to demonstrate its ability to keep valuable key assets such as transformers, substations, and storage containers dry during flood conditions.

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Vikoma International

Cold Flood Prevention: Exhibiting at the Flood Expo

Cold Flood Prevention - STAND F402

Visit Cold Flood Prevention’s live demonstration outside at Flood Expo 2016 and see their cost effective barrier for yourself.

They’ll demonstrate how they’re using water to fight water with thier reusable and easy to set up patented innovation, that offers an effective solution to the next flooding incident.

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Cold Flood Prevention