The Networking Area at The Marine & Coastal Civil Engineering

Networking at The Flood Expo

Flood Expo is renowned for providing unparalleled networking opportunities to flood industry innovators, leaders, and professionals, and this year’s event offers visitors the greatest opportunity yet to make new connections throughout the industry.

Flood Expo 2016 has more space dedicated to networking than ever before; areas that are specifically designed for all professionals and business owners working in flood defence, prevention and prediction to interact and build relationships in the most comfortable environments possible.

The show’s networking area – The Environment Agency and Flood Forecasting Centre Networking Area, provide a unique opportunity for visitors to interact and learn with members and experts from the most prominent and active organisations in the UK’s flood defence operation.

The Environment Agency Networking Area

The Environment Agency Networking Area

The Environment Agency will be hosting this specialised networking area, where you can come along to learn more about the Agency’s commitment to the protection and enhancement of the environment, and their partnership with the Flood Forecasting Centre and the Met Office.

As the principal flood risk management operating authority, the Environment Agency’s responsibility to managing flood risk and increasing public awareness of flood risk and flood forecasting makes their networking area a fascinating educational platform for visitors to learn about their flood data, models and information.

Over the course of the event’s two days, the Agency will have a number of speakers discussing EA’s work, and most will be available if you want to come and have a chat.

The area provides a significant opportunity for visitors to discuss their business, and to explore the potential of implementing the Environment Agency’s data in your own products and services.

Visit this area to benefit from the Environment Agency’s extensive work in flood risk management and their strategic overview in their risk management. Learn and discuss their historic data, their present-day data, and what their future plans consist of, including flood models, planned defences and the three day flood forecast.

Marine & Coastal Civil Engineering 2016 Networking Area Marine & Coastal Civil Engineering 2016 Networking Area Marine & Coastal Civil Engineering 2016 Networking Area