Can we make flood defence smarter?

The leading independent provider of flood warning systems is now part of the leading provider of flow controls for flood storage reservoirs.  Will this new combination lead to smarter, integrated flood management solutions?

In March 2016, Hydro International acquired Hydro-Logic Services LLP and Hydro-Logic Ltd, expanding its water quantity and water quality management capabilities with the addition of environmental monitoring products and advisory and support services that provide new insights to help improve water management, reduce flood risk and manage water pollution.

At its core, Hydro International’s new products and services increase our understanding of the environment, enabling us to improve flood protection, drainage design and resource management. In the short term the data monitoring and telemetry products collect, transmit and store data, enabling users to monitor rainfall or water levels in real time and respond quickly and appropriately to changes that indicate increased risk of flooding; and in the longer term the consulting team analyse complex data sets to provide site-specific guidance on the design, implementation and maintenance of reliable flood management systems. 

The new capabilities are an obvious complement to Hydro International’s traditional flood prevention expertise, providing data-driven insight that operates ahead of or alongside engineered flood solutions, and enables the more effective design and operation of proven flood management devices such as the Hydro-Brake® Flood. 

Will it change the way we think about flooding and flood defence? It may be a stretch to claim that flood prevention is currently “dumb”, but it’s safe to say that incorporating reliable real-world data into flood planning, design and warning can only make it smarter. 

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