New technology will transform how floods are forecast across England



Flood forecasting is an incredibly exciting place to be right now with so many innovations designed to give communities better warning if it floods. The work we do can save lives by informing people in advance.

I’ve worked in flood management and forecasting for over twenty years, and have been involved in various incidents during this time, including the Easter floods in 1998 and last winter’s devastating floods affecting the north of England. The profile and value of flood forecasting has never been higher. We respond earlier, over a longer time and far more visibly that ever before. Flood forecasting is truly at the heart of our response.

We’re currently making the biggest investment in our flood forecast, warning and telemetry systems in the last ten years and driving a step change in how we create and share our flood forecasts.

As part of my work as a flood forecasting manager I co-authored our Flood Incident Management Plan. This important piece of work will improve the way flood experts, managers, partners and communities work together to react to flood. It makes sure we work with partners to be able to prepare, respond and recover as effectively as possible if it floods.

I’m immensely proud of the work done by our experts in modelling and forecasting to build a more customer focused forecasting service – working with partners to reduce flood risk together. We’ve worked hard to contribute to something that really matters to the thousands that have been affected by flooding, and the many millions more than are at risk...