Almost 60% of new houses built on flood plains

New statistics from the Environment Agency and Land Registry have revealed that 58% of homes built in North Somerset in 2015 and 2016 were constructed in areas at a high risk of flooding.

With this type of land making up just 30 per cent of the district overall, North Somerset Council is fifth on a list of councils in the UK ranked by the number of new-builds approved for flood-prone land.

In seaside town Weston-Super-Mare alone, new housing developments such as Locking Parklands and Haywood Village - which will see 2,350 houses built in total - are situated on flood plains.

A spokesman for North Somerset Council told the Weston Mercury that while the authority has built homes on land at risk of flooding, the homes were created alongside a flood management scheme that aims to reduce the risk for people living in the developments and surrounding areas.

Dan Montagnani, Managing Director of Groundsure - a company specialising in environmental risks - said there are strict planning regulations when it comes to building on flood plains, but that the amount of building on flood-prone areas varies considerably between local authorities.

Having analysed the statistics to assess the probability of river and sea flooding, he added: “Regardless of flood mitigation measures required by planning and put in place, homebuyers need to consider additional risks and implications that come with buying a home built on a flood plain.

“The average cost of recovering from damage from flooding is almost 30 times higher than that following a burglary.”