More money for flood damage repairs

A town in Greater Manchester has been granted an £850,000 cash boost to rectify the flood damage caused by Storm Eva.

The borough saw roads and tunnels left in need of repair after Wigan was hit by the storm on Boxing Day 2015.

Wigan Council has received the money from the Department of Transport’s local transport capital block funding grant to help fund ongoing repairs.

The council has also been handed £80,448 to carry out additional remediation work to reduce the risk of flooding in the future by the Environment Agency’s Flood Defence Aid in Grant.

Last year, £750,000 of funding was granted to the council by the government’s flood fund in order to go ahead with a series of repairs needed across the borough due to flooding.

Many properties, roads and green spaces were left damaged by Storm Eva when more than a month’s worth of rain fell in the space of 24 hours.

Assistant Director for Infrastructure and Regulatory Services at the council, Mark Tilley, said: “We have already carried out a lot of repairs after the Boxing Day 2015 floods.

“This money will give us an extra boost and allow us to carry out further repairs and flood mitigation works that should protect our communities in the future and reduce flood risk,” he added.

“It is also really important that residents take steps to protect their own properties from flooding.

"If you know your property is in a flood risk zone we would encourage you to sign up to the flood warning system and to also make sure you have insurance to cover any damage caused by flooding."

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