Flood Expo welcomes back StormMeister!

We are absolutely honoured to welcome back StormMeister™ Flood Protection for the upcoming Flood Expo 2017 this September! Founded in 2010 but the company holds over 30 years experience in the industry with their engineer and entrepreneur founder, Malcolm Snape!

Malcolm was aware of the problems with conventional flood doors that rely on the pressure exerted by the handle and are consequently difficult to operate and expensive to maintain. Using water pressure instead of handle pressure was an idea that came to Malcolm whilst he was working as an advisor to a uPVC door manufacturer in Akwa Ibom in the Tropical Rain Forest of West Africa. The inspiration was the torrential tropical rain which mainly falls at night and it was during a tropical rain storm Malcolm formed the idea of a flood door that worked by water pressure instead of handle pressure.


StormMeister™ Active Flood Seal™ - How It Works Flood

Water is a powerful force and StormMeister™ Flood Resistant Doors harness that force in order to maintain flood resistance without using complex locking mechanisms which are difficult to operate.

A multiple chamber structure is formed by a specially designed Chamber Gasket and flood water is actually allowed to enter the first chamber, the water chamber.

The pressure of flood water in the water chamber then compresses the expansion chamber which in turn presses the Chamber Gasket firmly against the door leaf in order to maintain what has proved to be an extremely effective flood seal. Under test conditions, StormMeister™ Flood doors exceed the industry standard PAS1188-1:2014 by some considerable margin maintaining zero leakage at 600 mm of water for periods in excess of 48 hours.


We are delighted to have StormMeister joining us at #FloodExpo this coming September on Stand F6020! Malcolm and his team will be showcasing the incredible new truck that you can see above, we really can't wait!