Southern Storms: Devastation caused by severe flooding

On July 19th, storms and heavy rainfall caused mass flooding for many homes across the south east and south west of the UK. Two counties that have been severely affected by the storms are Cornwall and Kent.

Between 2.30am - 3.30am more than 60 emergency calls were dialled, as properties in Kent were experiencing extremely heavy rainfall. Up to three feet of water had flooded dozens of homes, the Tunbridge Wells was most affected by the storm. 

The storms even caused power cuts, the Sheppey Leisure Complex had to be closed whilst engineers tried to restore the power in the early hours of the morning.

In Tunbridge Wells, it was reported that two calls to firefighters stated that people had been trapped in properties. Tonbridge water rescue crews were sent over to the scene because they could have been life threatening situations taking place. Thankfully, there were no injuries reported and no rescues were needed.

The fire service worked hard to help cities in Kent be safe once again. Firefighters managed to pump water out of many properties, and as a precaution they also sent out three more fire engines to the Tunbridge Wells area.

In the Cornish village of Coverack,  the heavy rainfall began on Tuesday at around 3.00pm. The storm damaged around 50 properties and several people had to be rescued on the Lizard Peninsula, however there were no reports of serious injuries.

4in (100mm) of rain fell for over two to three hours according to The Environment Agency. Some people even said that they had been smacked in the face by marble-sized hailstones, and roads in and out of the village were obstructed.

There was widespread damage to the main road into the village, as well as damage to pipes and cables; it’s set to be a difficult engineering task to fix the damage.

However the flooding has not dampened the local people’s spirits. One local lady said: "But we're Cornish, We'll cope".