The £11 million scheme to reduce the risk of further flooding.

An £11 million pound project has begun. Local businesses in the north east of England are working alongside the Environment Agency to help wildlife in Teesside thrive and help reduce the risk of flooding. This project will see flood protection from Greatham Creek increase as well as create around 30 hectares of extra habitat for the local wildlife

This project is aldo being funded by SABIC UK; whist INOVYN ChlorVinyls are providing some of their land to aid habitat creation for areas within Teesside.

£4.5 million has already been spent for the first part of the project. The money went towards building new flood defences at Port Clarence in order to reduce flood risk from the River Tees. This project was completed in December 2015.

The Environment Agency will work to help raise existing flood embankments along Greatham Park; which is part two of this project. This will help decrease the risk of flooding to Port Clarence and parts of land that lies south of the Creek.

The project will also realign parts of the current flood defences, resulting in a new embankment being constructed around a bigger area of land, which means the existing flood embankment will then be breached.

This project will see the north of the nature reserve have 30 hectares of intertidal habitat for a variety of different species. Seals and a variety of bird species including the knot, redshank and shelduck are frequent visitors in this area.