UK Flood Barriers: Creating history by being appointed main contractor for unique UK project

UK Flood Barriers is a Worcestershire company which has been running for 10 years. They are well known for creating innovative, inventive and effective flood defence systems. CEO Frank Kelly and his team have been appointed as the main contractors that will work to protect a vulnerable underpass, located near the River Dee in Aberdeen. They are hoping to protect this underpass with swing hinge flood gates.

The company are the main contractor for Aberdeen City Council on a scheme in Riverside Drive, Aberdeen, this project should be completed by August 207. On a couple of previous occasions, The River Dee had become swollen, this meant water would run into the Riverside Drive underpass, which caused residential properties and businesses to flood.

UKFB were contacted last year by the council’s Structures, Flooding and Coastal Engineering department, where they asked them if they had any possible solutions to prevent the underpass from flooding. The company engineers concluded that this project could be done, however the area would need a custom-made flood gate design, due to the nature of the environment surrounding the underpass.

The primary concept drawings included designs for a double leaf, mitred swing hinge steel flood gate. The bespoke gate would measure 4m high by 5m wide and has been designed to fasten at the top of the gate, which would give full height flood protection for the underpass. UKFB also gave the council team advice on the requirements for PAS 1188; whist teaching them what leakage rates they should be looking for.

UKFB decided they would take on the project as a full design and build package. They would therefore be acting as the main contractor and finish all structural and civils design themselves to ensure maximum delivery efficiency. In April 2017, and after meticulous deliberations and evaluations, UKFB were asked to take on this project.

The UKFB team are assured that they possess the knowledge and experience to complete the UK’s first attempt to create a fully protected, closed off tunnel/underpass for the Aberdeen Councils “pilot” Riverside Drive project. They hope the success of this project will allow them to work on more projects like this in the future.

The Aberdeen project will be the first to choose a flood sector company as their main project contractor. UKFB will oversee this project from start to finish taking part in jobs such as; undertaking the survey, manufacturing, in-situ spray testing, all the way up to client training and completing the project handover.

This project is being visually documented so people can track the construction of this one of a kind flood defence mechanism.