Smart monitoring to track flood levels in Shropshire

River floods are one of the most powerful, and often all-too-sudden, consequences of relentless rainfall in vulnerable low-lying areas.  The problem is, it’s already too late when water from the surrounding uplands has raced down slopes to the valleys below.

The value of holding back the river water upstream, well away from vulnerable homes and businesses, in upstream flood storage defences is already a proven and sustainable alternative.

Our Hydro-Brake® Flood vortex flow controls slow and hold back water during storm events protecting homes, businesses and infrastructure from flooding.  With no moving parts and no power requirement, the Hydro-Brake® Flood is designed to ensure consistent, reliable operation with minimal maintenance.

Our smart monitoring products gather accurate water level data to enable flood warning and hydrometric data analysis.  With an integral power supply, they are ideal for remote sites where power is not available.

These two capabilities come together to provide remote monitoring of water levels at the Much Wenlock flood alleviation project in Shropshire, UK.

Three Hydro-Brake® flow controls have been installed on Shylte Brook and Sytche Brook to manage flows, and following this initial phase consultant Mouchel asked us to recommend a suitable monitor to provide insight into water levels. 

The monitoring solution needed to be non-contact, require minimal or no maintenance, and be installed in an elevated position in order to prevent the risk of vandalism. 

We recommended the Hydro-Logic™ Level Logger, paired with a VEGA WL61 sensor - a tried and tested solution that provides accurate and reliable real-time information and long-term data gathering - and our product experts Anjie Stevens and Roy Round worked with Mouchel and contractor Alun Griffiths to develop an effective installation method.

The logger was successfully installed and commissioned on site on the 24th of July, and will enable Shropshire Council both to track flood conditions and direct response teams quickly and effectively, and to gather long-term data on flooding and climate change to inform future flood mitigation strategies and projects. 

About the Much Wenlock flood alleviation scheme

The £2M project was initiated by Shropshire Council to prevent flooding to homes and businesses in the small town of Much Wenlock. 

The project includes the construction of flood storage ponds on the Shylte and Sytche Brooks that act as storage during heavy rain, and which allow water to drain in a controlled manner to reduce downstream flooding.

Three precision-engineered Hydro-Brake® flow controls manage the flow, backing up flood waters into the storage ponds and controlling the release of that stored water back into the brooks. 

The project will also restore the local Westwood Quarry to provide improved environmental habitats. 





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