An Extra £18 Million for the City of York

A top councillor in York has said that the Government grant awarded to York for flood defences is insufficient. Therefore an extra £18 million could be given to the city of York to help build the flood defenses needed to protect the city. 

City of York Council’s executive member for the environment Cllr Andrew Waller, has said the £45 million provided by the Government in response to the flooding in 2015 is not enough to provide long-term flood defenses for the city’s homes and business.  

Andrew said this after the figures were officially released by the Environment Agency, which show that an extra £18 million is most likely going to be spent on efficient flooding solutions from 2021/22 until 2026/27 once the £45 million five-year flood plan has expired. 

Last month the Regional Flood and Coastal Committee went to hear of the EA’s latest update for Yorkshire, this is where these figures emerged. Cllr Waller was at this meeting and acted as the representative for York. 

An EA spokesperson said: “By 2021 we will invest over £60 million in York, £17 million for the Foss Barrier, and £45 million for the York 5 Year Plan, in order to protect over 2,000 properties in York, to ensure this city is safe and secure.”

The Government promised to give £14 million to the city after the floods that occurred on Boxing Day in 2015, however this figure increased to £17 million. This would improve the Foss Barrier and a further £45 million will be used to build better flood defences around York. In July, Ryedale villages were granted £50,000 to be spent on natural flood defences, these included bankside stabilisation solutions and helping land managers to improve soil and land management.