Interpave is the Precast Concrete Paving and Kerb Association, promoting and developing concrete block paving, flags, kerbs and related products - ranging from domestic uses to the most taxing heavy industrial applications. Interpave is the driving force behind the development of concrete block permeable pavements as a sustainable drainage (SuDS) technique in the UK.

As an established technology with proven performance, concrete block permeable paving is uniquely placed to play a key role as a SuDS source control. Not only can it reduce, attenuate and treat rainwater runoff near the surface, meeting current SuDS guidance, it also provides completely level, well drained and slip-resistance surfaces accessible to all. But its real strength is an ability to remove water-borne pollution offering fresh opportunities with a gradual supply of treated water that can be exploited for harvesting, ecology and – particularly – innovative landscape design. As a recent RIBA report comments: “For too long, we have been designing water out of our towns and cities when we should have been designing it in.”

Central to Interpave’s activities is its paved environment resource website providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on all aspects of paving for urban designers, architects, planners, local authorities and engineers. It includes a wide range of case studies, guidance and Design and Construction Information Documents – or DACIs – providing the definitive, authoritative information on concrete block permeable paving and other precast concrete products used in SuDS

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