Joel Zimelstern Ltd

Joel Zimelstern has exclusively represented claimants since October 1987 throughout the UK. He is the author of “Win The Claim Game – An insider’s guide to insurance claims”. Joel’s approach to claims has always been to put the needs of his clients first and is driven to change the assessing industry in the UK. He has many interests which influence his customer centric approach to claims. He has recently launched a new website – which is a forum for free advice to anyone needing support. It is modelled on the very popular & useful MoneySavingExpert site.

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Flood claims - an opportunity to ‘wow’ customers

When the floods occurred so many had to place their trust in all involved in the insurance industry. Too many of those involved were more concerned with their processes and maximising profits at the expense of the victims. Many lessons are to be learned to improve the experience of claimants