Alastair Moseley


Alastair is a Director of Water and Environmental Consultancy, H2O WEM Ltd which provides strategic technical and business development support to organisations operating in the water and environmental sectors. He is Chair of the Future Water Association Innovation Hub where he is leading the development of training and knowledge sharing initiatives to stimulate innovation creation and collaboration in the water industry supply chain. Alastair is a chartered civil engineer, chartered environmentalist and chartered water and environmental manager and is Honorary Vice President of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management and is a leading member of the Steering Group leading the development of a Code for Property Flood Resilience. He is a frequent commentator in the National and Trade Press on issues relating to catchment management including flood risk mitigation, sewerage and surface water management, integrated water management, water sensitive urban design and Sustainable Drainage Systems.

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Creating Community Confidence Through Affordable Flood Mitigation Measures

Property Flood Resilience (PFR) significantly reduces the impact of flooding on property, but the information, guidance, standards and training needed to apply it is fragmented and contradictory. A Code of Practice is now being written, crucially involving the insurance industry and this talk will present the latest developments of it and how it will give guidance for best practice to make properties sufficiently resilient to flooding in future.