Albert S. Chen

Centre for Water Systems, Exeter Uni

Dr Albert Chen is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Water Systems, University of Exeter, with over 15 years of experience in urban flood management. His research interests include urban drainage, hydrology and hydraulic modelling, computational fluid dynamic, flood forecasting and early warning, flood damage assessment, risk management, hazard mitigation, and resilience strategies. He has been working on more than 30 flood-related international projects funded by EU H2020 and FP7, EPSRC, NERC, British Council, and Royal Society, through which he accumulated extensive expertise in global flood risk management. He also developed a series of methodologies and tools for flood modelling and risk assessment that have been successfully applied to worldwide case studies.

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Flood risk modelling and assessment for community resilience

Computer models have been widely adopted, nowadays, to simulate flood dynamics in various environmental conditions for evaluating their impacts to a society. By combining with socio-economic data, hazard information can be translated into risk to help stakeholders quantify the impact for various scenarios. Consequently, the effectiveness of different adaptation measures can be evaluated and compared to determine optimum solutions for reducing flood damage and enhancing the resilience of communities.