Alex Fraser

Durham University & Northumberland County Council

Through research into catchment management at Durham University alongside working at Northumberland County Council on SuDS and planning, I have seen the interdependency of SuDS and NFM and believe their use provides the opportunity to deliver an improved water management package. I find the interconnectedness of SuDS, NFM and Catchment Sensitive Farming particularly interesting and how an integrated catchment scale approach can deliver multiple benefits with limited compromise for all stakeholders. These measures may not in all cases deliver a complete flood management solution, however, their use complemented with traditional protection measures or PLP can cost effectively deliver an improved flood management scheme. I have experience with property level resistance/resilience through leading the Northumberland County Council Property Level Resilience Grant, organisation & community collaboration working on the Tyne Valley Flood Initiative and working with Flood Action Groups to increase community resilience.

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Catchment Management, SuDS and NFM for Flood Mitigation

Seminar presents findings from research at Durham University using the CRUM3 catchment hydrological model and SCIMAP-Flood the terrain analysis approach into cost effective flood mitigation using catchment management, SuDS and NFM. Research aims to deliver multiple-benefit solutions and toolkit implementable at other sites, providing a methodology for FCERM teams to deliver model outputs to satisfy Environment Agency funding regulations and be deliverable through GIA and Local Levy funding pathways.