Alexis Smith


Alexis has a successful career working in the global business and entertainment sectors, creating innovative solutions to enhance the profile and success of a wide variety of companies.

Very much an ‘ideas’ person, Alexis thrives in a challenging environment where creativity, imagination and ingenuity are valued personal attributes, underpinned by her strong ethical management style. She has originated trademarked designs, having several concepts to her name including her geospatial modelling and analysis tools and unique flood protection system.

Alexis is determined to promote a culture that utilises cutting edge technology for the improvement of individual lives, and to benefit communities in the UK and worldwide.

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Creating evolving DTMs that change with the real world

Historically, flood modelling and creating the DTMs they use has been a cyclical undertaking, meaning as soon as it’s been created it’s already out of date and hence so will your decisions that they are based on. IMgeospatial will show you how the use of remote sensing and big data can create an evolving DTM that changes with the real world. This not only solves the problem of data resilience, but also saves you time and money. Automated, cloud based, analytics. Change the way you see your world.