Alice Couldwell

Marshalls Plc

Alice Couldwell is Linear Drainage Product Manager of Marshalls Plc, the UK’s leading hard landscaping product company. As a witness to the severe floods at her home town, she has driven in-depth research projects to understand the key fundamentals of flooding within hard landscaped areas and why the drainage systems failed.
It is her priority that the Marshalls Linear Drainage range provides everything you need to eliminate surface water, leaving your landscapes safe and clean and eliminating risk of flooding at every scale.
Within her career as Linear Drainage Product Manager she has developed and launched a series of exciting new linear drainage solutions that aid with flooding elimination but also demonstrate Marshall’s ongoing commitment to Surface Water Management.
Alice is keen to campaign and teach others on how effective surface water management can be the first point to combat flooding within Landscaped areas.

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Designing Drainage Systems for Climate Change

Over recent years the UK has experienced more and more failings of existing drainage systems due to climate change and urbanisation of higher density developments within our landscapes, this has resulted in an increased risk of major flooding, usually from surface water in events of high intensity rainfalls. In order to combat the flood risks, how can various systems be designed to produce sustainable planned developments within the urban landscape?