Bill Blackledge

2B Landscape Consultancy

Bill is the MD of 2B Landscape Consultancy. He has been a Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute since 1988 and has a broad range of experience within both public and private sector. Public sector work has included community landscapes, housing, and public open space design. Private sector work has been for clients from local and government authorities, to private developers and utilities; including housing, retail developments, transport planning, transmission line routeing, reclamation, and landscape and environmental assessment.

He is interested in landscape applications of CAD, 3D modelling and GIS, but landscape-based Sustainable Drainage is his main passion. He is constantly amazed at how long it takes for government, developers - and most engineers he comes across - to embrace the multiple benefits of SuDS – not least, lower costs!

Bill has served on the Landscape Institute Yorkshire+Humber Branch and is currently vice-chair of the LI''s Technical Committee. He is taking a leading role in the production of LI visualisation guidance and assisting with development of guidance for landscape-led local planning.

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How “Slow the Flow Calderdale” raised awareness of flood mitigation

The Boxing Day Floods of 2015 devastated the Calder Valley. Whilst there seemed to be broad acceptance of the need for catchment-scale Natural Flood Management, the potential of new-build and retrofit SuDS was not being sufficiently promoted. Through the community group, "Slow the Flow Calderdale", we developed and promoted an information programme: "You Can Slow the Flow" This talk will look at the online and printed information designed for people who have not come across SuDS before, introducing the principles and benefits of SuDS, and providing examples of how SuDS can be implemented: At Home, At Work, At School, and in Public Spaces.