Bob Bray


Bob Bray is founder of Robert Bray Associates and SuDSsource National SuDS Conferences.

A leading SuDS designer since 1996, he has completed over 50 projects including housing, schools, commercial development and civic and public realm enhancements. He writes and speaks extensively on SuDS, authoring and contributing to articles, design guides and academic papers, and presenting SuDS training courses.

Robert Bray Associates has developed an environmental and design approach to SuDS schemes that delivers exciting, attractive, cost-effective and easily managed solutions. The Flood Defence and Protection Expo presentation will demonstrate design innovations and both the tangible and intangible benefits of this approach.

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Hidden Benefits for SuDS using Permeable Paving

A series of case studies will demonstrate how permeable paving delivers not only rainwater attenuation but also interception and other volume losses, enhanced by flow controls on developments. Amenity, biodiversity and safety benefits are ensured by a source of clean water from permeable pavements flowing through a site and, together with green/blue roofs, they allow all hard surfaces on developments to act as multi-functional SuDS.