Brian Back

Radio Data Networks

Brian M Back, by profession a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the IET, Founder of Radio Data Networks Limited, industry spokesman and columnist, convenor of British Water`s Network Management Focus Group and long standing council member of the non-profit radio communications trade association the LPRA.

Brian has dedicated the majority of his 35-year career to the design and deployment of resilient communication systems for the delivery of critical measurements and alarms from remote sensors distributed along the UK`s rail, river and sewer networks, plus its coastlines.

He is a member of the Ofcom BRIG and TAG forums and was recently part of a fact finding delegation on behalf of the LPRA to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in Washington DC where amongst matters discussed was the impact on remote monitoring caused by the race for 4G and 5G cellular and the potential applications of White Space.

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Critical Communications

At times of disaster the last thing you want is to suffer from communications failure. This paper is designed to present the relative risks and merits of the various media available covering aspects from Cyber security right through to resilience in the face of disaster.