Britt Warg

Geodesign Barriers

Britt is the UK Manager for Geodesign Barriers Ltd and she moved from Sweden to the UK in 1998. Her background is modern language teaching (French / English). In 2000, her hometown Arvika was saved from a severe flood by a temporary flood barrier. Impressed with what she saw, and frustrated with the slow flood response we had in the UK back then – Britt introduced this barrier system to the UK, in 2001. Since then, Britt has been working in the field of flooding (and often in the flooded field) on all levels, with national planning as well as hands-on training and deployment in emergency flood situations. Britt works closely with the EA, local authorities and utility companies to help provide best practice, using temporary flood barriers. She is also an avid promoter of a volunteer-based flood brigade concept and will explain more about this during her talk.

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A National 'Flood Brigade': What is it & Why do We Need it?

With flooding becoming more and more frequent, we should make more use of local volunteers. Local people know their area, where vulnerable people live, where it usually floods, which roads to avoid etc. People want to help. It’s just a case of getting organised, across the country. We need their knowledge – and hands on deck – for a speedier response, using effective temporary flood protection, from local depots.