Dr Catherine O’Sullivan

Dept. Civil and Environmental Engineering, Imperial College London

Dr. Catherine O’Sullivan is a Reader in Particulate Soil Mechanics at Imperial College London. Originally from Ireland, prior to obtaining her PhD at the University of California at Berkeley, she worked on the design of levees in California. Since arriving at Imperial College in 2004, Dr. O’Sullivan has taught a post-graduate course on seepage and consolidation. Her research focuses on improving understanding of soil mechanics at the particle scale. She has authored over 65 papers in international journals as well as a textbook on discrete element modelling. She delivered the 2015 British Geotechnical Association Géotechnique lecture. Her research has been funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, ARUP and the Irish Research Council for Science Engineering and Technology.

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Internal erosion of filters in dams and flood embankments

Internal erosion of the finer grains in the granular filters in dams and flood embankments poses a significant risk to these structures. Recent research at Imperial College has used particle scale modelling to explain why some filters are more susceptible to this form of erosion than others.