Christopher Cameron-Hann

Aegaea Limited

Chris is a flood risk hydrologist and hydraulic modeller with 12 years’ experience in flood risk management from foul and surface water to river and coastal modelling. Since starting Aegaea Limited in 2012 he has used his experience to assist in numerous planning applications and provided detailed modelling throughout the UK and internationally. Chris has a particular interest in the use of open data and the creation of tools and techniques (using freely available tools) that enable decision makers to take account of flood risk early in the planning process. At Aegaea, Chris has been pushing forward new techniques in assessing risk and developing tools that allow screening of sites to be undertaken without detailed modelling analyses to derive value throughout the development process.

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Open Data, Flood Risk and Site Scoping

The use of open data and basic flood estimation to review and project flood risk for potential development. How can we make effective use of data and tools to promote the inclusion of flood risk at the pre-planning and application stage.