David Thomas

Middle Level Commissioners

David has over twenty years involvement in delivery of flood risk management (FRM), working for Internal Drainage Board’s in both pumped and gravity catchments. Between 2006 and 2010 he oversaw the construction of the UK’s most sophisticated and largest land drainage pumping station. He is currently junior Vice Chair on CIWEM’s Rivers and Coastal Group, sits on ADA’s Technical and Environment Committee, BSi’s CB501 (flood risk and watercourses group), the Great Fen Steering Committee (landscape scale restoration covering 6,700 acres), EA/defra Asset Management Theme Advisory Group (defining areas of research investment) and various other FRM related steering groups and committees.

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Maximising the management of a pumped catchment

Managing water in pumped catchments allows degrees of control not available in natural catchments. This presentation outlines the steps taken to maximise the operational value of the infrastructure in place within the Middle Level (Cambridgeshire Fens) and future plans. It will cover normal operation in winter and summer for managing flood risk and water resources and what the plans are for dealing with extreme events be they flood or drought.